Tenant Handbook

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Shelter in Place Plan

Purpose of the Plan

The Philadelphia Fire Code requires various buildings to develop a plan to shelter occupants inside the building in the event of a hazardous material, biological, or other emergency outside the building. The purpose of the shelter-in-place plan is to safeguard occupants during an emergency outside the building by preventing or limiting the infiltration of hazardous materials into the building by closing doors, shutting off air handling/HVAC systems and moving occupants away from perimeter windows and doors to safer locations in the building. Where possible these locations will be near restrooms. Once a year there will be a shelter-in-place drill conducted to ensure occupants know what to do and where to go in an emergency. In addition to the Building Staff, Tenant Floor Wardens will be responsible for performing duties and shall be provided with training.



Building Management will announce via broadcast e-mail, phone tree and fire tower public address system when a shelter-in-place emergency is occurring. When an emergency is announced Tenant Safety Wardens will ensure that all occupants in their suite go to their designated shelter locations.  Security will recall the elevators to the lobby level by manually initiating a fire recall sequence via the keyed override switches in the Lobby. They will also close and lock all outside doors at the lobby level and loading dock. In addition, Security will insure that all retail tenants that have direct access to the street level close and secure these doors. Please note that in accordance with City Fire Code, all fire exit doors will be accessible for egress. Designated re-entry stair tower doors (these doors will be labeled) will be unlocked during the emergency to allow for inter-floor travel. In some types of emergencies occupants in the lower levels will be directed to the upper floors to avoid possible exposure to outside contaminants that are heavier than air. The Building Engineers will shut down all air handling equipment and close all outside air dampers. Building Management will monitor the emergency via the city's emergency broadcast network, local news radio, and cable TV emergency broadcast systems. Updates will be provided to the building occupants via the fire tower public address system.


Shelter Locations

Occupants of multi-tenant floors should shelter-in-place in the area of the common corridor. Occupants of single tenant floors should shelter-in-place in the most interior of rooms or spaces within the confines of their respective floor.


Physically Disabled Persons

As with fire emergency procedures, the Tenant Safety Wardens shall ensure that those with a physical disability be assisted to their shelter location.


All Clear

When notified that the emergency is over, Building Management will direct all occupants via the fire tower public address system to evacuate the building until the building air handling systems are operated to remove any contaminates.


Annual Shelter-in-Place Drill

The annual shelter-in-place drill will be scheduled through the Building Management Office. Please note that a full building evacuation is not required during this drill.