Tenant Handbook

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Deliveries, Freight Elevator, and Loading Dock

All large deliveries of furniture, equipment, or material should be scheduled with the Building Management Office.

Deliveries to and from the Premises shall be made only at the times, in the areas, and through the entrances and exits reasonably designated by Landlord. Tenant shall not make deliveries to or from the Premises in a manner that might interfere with the use by any other tenant of its premises or of the Common Areas, any pedestrian use, or any use, which is inconsistent with good business practice.


Hours and Access

Please have all deliveries made through the loading dock. To avoid delays, we have found it helpful to notify vendors of loading dock procedures in advance.

These include:

  1. All deliveries must be scheduled through the Building Management Office at 215 568 2520.
  2. Freight elevator access available with pre-scheduled request for no-hand carried deliveries.
  3. Two and four wheel dollies, carts, and conveyors may not be taken in the passenger elevators. Only hand-held packages may be transported in passenger elevators during normal business hours.
  4. 30-minute parking available with pre-scheduled request, as available.


Tenants requiring the use of four-wheeled carts for their mail deliveries must use the freight elevator.


Deliveries and Packages

Lobby attendants and other building personnel are instructed to decline requests for deliveries or packages to be held at the lobby desk. After hours and weekend deliveries may not be left at the Lobby security console without advance arrangements with Building Management. Attempted deliveries will be turned away with instruction to please return during the tenant’s regular office hours.


Loading Dock Deliveries

The loading dock entrance is located at the rear of the Property on Ludlow Street via 18th Street.  It is open to receive general deliveries from 7:00a.m. - 5:00 p.m., Monday thru Friday.

  • All delivery companies must be signed-in with the truck dock security guard upon arrival.
  • Engines must be turned off while inside the loading dock.
  • Building Management is not responsible for any items left on the Dock.
  • Parking in the dock area is for loading & unloading during the course of making deliveries. This applies to all service vendors, contractors and tradesmen.
  • Large or bulk deliveries that are estimated to take more than 60 minutes must be scheduled for after hours through the Building Office at 215 568 2520.
  • Carts, dollies and other material conveyors may not be taken on passenger elevators.


A valid insurance certificate for all delivery companies, moving firms, vendors, contractors and sub-contractors is required and must be on file with the Management Office (contact Management office for requirements)  prior to any deliveries / start of any work performed.

No trucks larger than 11’9” will be authorized to park in the 1700 Market Street loading dock.  Trucks larger than 11’9” will be denied entry.


Dimensions and limitations of the service elevator are listed below:  


Freight Elevator

Cab Height: 120” or 10’6"

Cab Depth: 60” or 5’

Cab Width: 90” or 7’5”

Door Opening: 4’ w x 6’ 11 1/2” h

Weight Limit: 4,000 lbs.


# 1 Low Rise

(Floors: Lobby, 2 thru 20)

Cab Height 7’ x 7”

Cab Depth 3’ 2”

Cab Width 6’ x 3”

Door Opening 3’ 6” x 6” 11”

Weight Limit: 3500


# 9 High Rise

(Floors 21 thru 32)_

Cab Height 7’ x 7”

Cab Depth 3’ 2”

Cab Width 6’ x 3”

Door Opening 3’ 6” x 6” 11”

Weight Limit: 3500